Pathfinder Academy

The mission of Pathfinder Academy is to provide students with autism an education tailored to their specific academic needs, along with therapeutic intervention, in an environment that increases independence and social interaction.

Pathfinder Academy is more than just an educational institution, it is a place where students with autism can achieve their full potential every day, as well as, a place they can learn and grow socially in a safe environment with peers.

Pathfinder Academy recognizes that students with developmental disabilities learn differently. In response to this, a tailored curriculum has been developed to target each students individual learning style. In addition to learning basic educational skills such as reading, writing and math, students will be given opportunities to learn appropriate socialization with peers and basic life skills to increase their independence at home and in the community.

Curriculum / Services

Students will receive individualized plans in all academic areas according to performance on initial assessments. Using ABA (applied behavior analysis) techniques in addition to consistent data collection and analysis, each student’s plan is updated on a regular basis. As students gain skills, their academic instruction plans are modified to include increased levels of difficulty so that students are able to make consistent forward progress and maximize their learning. Research based best practices are implemented during instruction by staff that have been trained to recognize the specific needs of children with Autism.

When enrolled, students are evaluated to assess the need for intensive speech-language, mental health, occupational, and physical therapies. Therapies are frequently offered in an inclusive environment to promote generalization so that skills learned in therapy are carried over into the classroom, home, and community. By tying all of these disciplines together, along with academic instructors, Pathfinder Academy strictly adheres to a ‘team approach’; all personnel involved in the treatment of the student are a part of meetings with parents, curriculum development, treatment plan development, behavior plan development, and planning for transitions.

Pathfinder Academy works to help our students use the skills they have learned at school, both at home and in the community by providing opportunities for parent training and frequent school trips to a variety of community sites. As students transition out of our program back to public school or to adult programs our staff works to make the transition successful by preparing the student and providing training (in person whenever possible) for the caregivers at the student’s next placement.


The faculty at the Pathfinder Academy are dedicated, fully trained staff that have obtained the necessary skills to work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in an educational setting.

More Information

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Download a Pathfinder Academy enrollment application here To view or print the Pathfinder Academy Student - Parent Handbook click here.