Adult development programs receive funding from several sources and provide prevocational and vocational adult development training for individuals with disabilities. Participants’ work on established goals to enhance daily living and social skills. Currently Pathfinder runs 6 of these programs in Arkansas. There are facilities in Benton, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Jacksonville, Jonesboro, and West Memphis, Arkansas. To see more information click the city above.

Services may include:

  • Evaluation
  • Vocational training which is provided in a real work environment
  • Professional counseling
  • Work opportunities including job placement in the private sector
  • Habilitation training
  • Protective and socio-legal services
  • Active day treatment for severely involved individuals who reside in Intermediate Care Facilities
  • Referral to other agencies when necessary.

For information on Jacksonville and Benton, contact Janet Hubbard - (501) 982-0528,
(501) 860-0996 or email Janet Hubbard'

For information on Intellectual Work Activity Center (IWAC), contact Becky Mansfield -
(501) 982-0528 or email Becky Mansfield'

For information on Jonesboro contact Kelly Williams - (870) 931-5504 or email
Kelly Williams'

For information on Bentonville and Cave Springs, contact Rick Michaud - (479) 254-6717, (479) 245-3515, or email Rick Michaud'

For West Memphis contact Scott Lovelady, (870) 732-2750 or email Scott Lovelady'

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To view or print the Pathfinder Adult Development Handbook click here.