2109 Bishop
Bryant, AR 72002

Built in 1995, this apartment complex is home to 8 residents. Nestled in the growing community of Bryant, Arkansas, this complex has an office, laundry facilities, and a Community Room. Each resident lives in a private apartment and must possess personal skills to enable self-sufficiency while some daily living skills training may be provided.

Pathfinder Supported Living Apartments provide a carefully balanced framework of home environment, specialized professional services, and a gradual decrease of supervision to encourage self-respect, responsible judgment, and practical life experiences. 
Qualified staff provide guidance and training in basic life skills focusing on normalization and independent living skills during the waking hours. Progress is monitored with the development of an individualized program plan and through measurable outcomes that teach self development, decision making, and home management skills.

Fair Housing And Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing And Equal Opportunity

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