This is a home-based program which provides individual services within the community for persons who might otherwise have to seek services in an institution.

Services must be specifically requested by the consumer and/or his/her family.

An Independent Case Manager will assist the individual in determining services needed/desired, and, after approval by Utilization Review, the individual may select from a list of service providers.


To apply for waiver services:

Age 0 through completion
of high school up to age 22 contact:

DDS Program Administrator,
Children's Intake and Referrel
PHONE: (501) 682-1464.

Age 18 with completion
of high School Education
or age 22 without completion
of high School Education
through and thereafter contact:

DDS Waiver Administrator,
Adult Intake and Referral
PHONE: (501) 682-8678.


Waiver Program Handbook


For further details:


Director of Waiver Services,

or call

Pathfinder Administration
PHONE:(501) 982-0528
FAX: (501) 982-0197.






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