To start off every thing was looking good! Then in March the pandemic! What a mess. We had to postpone our new Summer Day Accademy :-(

Postponed to 2022

POSTPONED until 2022!
Given the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Pathfinder will postpone the initial session of the Summer Day Academy until May of 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions, please contact your local facility or call our Administration Office at 501 982-0528.

If that wasn't enough, we had to lay-off several employees!
Doom and gloom seemed to be heading our way, but we are so very blessed that our supporters came through with flying colors! So many to thank for donating masks when all this first started!!! Then we had great support from several local businesses and groups that donated helpful supplies to keep us up and running!!! Thank-you SUPPORTERS ONE AND ALL!!!

Thank you to all who donated masks!

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Jacksonville High School donated fresh fruits and vegetables to distribute to the clients today. Everybody will get a bag to take home and any extras will be taken to Whit Davis, McCreight Homes and Gordon Tubbs! Thank-you JHS!!!


Donations - Thank-you!

The Moose Lodge in Sherwood and the Haskel Dollar General Store #11439 donated bins of books for our Preschool classrooms. They also brought bins of books and socks for our adults! We are so thankful to have contributors like you who make this trying time seem not so trying! Thank-you Moose Lodge and Haskell Dollar General!


As the year progressed we submitted to a different kind of "normal". Doing our best to keep everyone safe while continuing to provide services to our consumers. In July, as in prior years, there was a Preschool Graduation! Although it was somewhat different than in years past it was totally awesome!

Preschool Graduation 2020


And as the true spirit of Pathfinder shone through all the negativity, we showed our true selves when in August our neighbors needed a helping hand and we were there!

Helping Neighbors

We are so proud of these smiling faces that selflessly got up in the early morning hours on Saturday, August 15 to come to the rescue of our Jacksonville neighbors. The Jacksonville Towers Senior residential center experienced a power outage that resulted in having to move the residents to other locations. Pathfinder was contacted by the Jacksonville Police Department and five of our great staff jumped to help. Over sixty residents were transported to a nearby hotel. A big thank you goes to Geneva Hopkins, Victor Henderson, Peggy Smiley, Kaisa Alexander and Juliet Gilliam. You make Pathfinder very proud!
We also want to recognize the generosity of Linda Curtis, who has taken two of the seniors from the Towers into her home. She too came to the rescue in the early morning hours without hesitation. This is a huge undertaking, but no surprise to any of us who know Linda. We are so very proud!


PoloPiaz CEO Dave Brunori and PoloPiaz Plant Manager Steve Nichols recently went to visit with members of Pathfinder, the nationally recognized, Jacksonville, AR-based nonprofit organization. They are dedicated to the development and implementation of individualized strategies designed to enable citizens with developmental disabilities, and/or behavioral health needs total access to community life.

Pathfinder supports the production department of PoloPiaz in the labeling of one-gallon cans and five-gallon pails, as well as other sizes as necessary. Pathfinder and PoloPiaz have partnered for almost 30 years, going back to the early 1990's!

PoloPiaz is very fortunate to be working with Pathfinder. It is a great way to help local people be employed that may otherwise not get jobs, the work is of the highest quality, and it is a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of others. "I was humbled and saw firsthand how important the relationship we have with this group of amazing people is, the interaction is way above just labeling cans. More companies should reach out to similar organizations in their local area and get involved.", said Brunori. Added Nichols, "Pathfinder does a wonderful job labeling all of our many gallon cans and five-gallon pails that are used in production and manufacturing of our products for resale and are very appreciative to have a job and share in our partnership." The entire Pathfinder team was given t-shirts to commemorate the visit. For more information, visit and


Summer turned to fall with no relief in site as far as the pandemic! Throughout the year thus far we have been very fortunate to have stayed open for our consumers with only a few closings.
Despite the lockdown of our residential facilities, they still made sure to have a little fun!

October Fun at Dogwood!

Lindsey (our colorful clown) set up a carnival for Dogwood ICF in Jonesboro today. Residents enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, eating food, and playing games. Plus they all got prizes! From the looks of things, Lindsey also has a secret talent in balloon animals.


The Holidays through a pandemic! So many wonderful neighbors and friends supported us to insure our consumers had the best Christmas possible! Words can't describe the feelings of love and gratitude that we feel for all the awesome supporters!

Thank-you, Jacksonville Sertoma Club!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Snow much fun at the Preschool!!!


This Christmas was made possible by: 2nd Baptist Church, Stitchers Mending Hearts, Michelle John, Vickie and Scote Cole, Jane and John Cole, Sandy Bidwell and Lisa Smith. Because of all of you each child received a stuffed animal, amazing handmade hooded towels, pillows and puppet washcloths.
May you be blessed with the love you have shown us today!!!

Ms Debbie and the Preschool Gang!!! Merry Christmas!

A Very Briarwood Christmas!

Briarwood had their Christmas party on December 17th so that all could enjoy the fun! The residents got up early and had a special holiday breakfast. Later they enjoyed munching on homemade cookies and fudge that the staff had made. Chips and dips plus a meat and cheese tray were totally devoured while washing it all down with eggnog and soft drinks. Everything was so good there was hardly any left. "Munch, munch" Anticipation was rising as the opening of the gifts drew closer. The smiles and excitement made for a joyous time. Each resident was thrilled with their gifts! After the party, the staff and residents cleaned up the mess then the residents took their goodies to their rooms. Later they enjoyed pizza and watched some Christmas movies. So much work and preparation goes into making a party then you blink and it's all over! All in all a fantastic day!

Look out 2021, HERE WE COME!