Initiation of CES Waiver services for individuals in this category occurs in a relatively quick time frame.

At the present time there are vacancies in the facilities listed below:
Howell Complex, O'Brien Apartments and Plaza Group Home in Jacksonville, Ar, Redwood Apartments in Searcy, Ar and T.P. White Complex in Haskell, Ar.

There are also some openings in our Intermedeate Care Facilities - McCreight Home in Jacksonville, Ar, Cottonwood in Morrilton, Ar and Dogwood in Jonesboro, Ar.

For more information please contact Shana Fryar at 501-982-0528 or Email Shana - click here

The priority order of selection for waiver services is as follows:

  • 1. Waiver application eligibility determination date for persons determined to have successfully applied for the waiver, but who through administrative error were or are inadvertently omitted from the Waiver wait list.

  • 2. Waiver application eligibility determination date of persons for whom waiver services are necessary to permit discharge from an institution, e.g. persons who reside in ICFs/IID, Nursing Facilities, and Arkansas State Hospital patients; or admission to or residing in a Supported Living Arrangement (group homes and apartments).

  • 3. Date of Department of Human Services (DHS) custodian choice of waiver services for eligible persons in the custody of the DHS Division of Children and Family Services or DHS Adult Protective Services.

  • 4. Order of waiver application determination date for all other persons.

The majority of individuals on the waiver waiting list are in category four. It takes years for a person on the waiting list to be selected for services. The Pathfinder Residential programs are in category two. Initiation of services for individuals in this category occurs in a much quicker time frame. Even if you have already applied for the waiver under category four you can still apply for placement in a supported living/group home site.

After a period of time individuals in the residential homes may decide to transfer their waiver slot to an integrated community setting. As a result there are frequently vacancies in these programs.