Day habilitation services are offered in Jacksonville and Harrison to enable the 6 week to five-year old child with developmental disabilities to receive individualized services along with a state approved preschool curriculum.

Pre-School Services

Additional services may include physical, speech, and occupational therapies as prescribed by the child's physician. Nursing staff and mental health professionals are also available on site.

Integrated Care Program

The integrated care program was established to provide a normalization experience for children enrolled in the preschool program. It combines care and experiences for children with and without disabilities in a quality preschool setting. The primary goal of the integrated program is to facilitate the overall positive development of all children involved in the preschool setting, enhancing their readiness skills prior to enrollment in public schools.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for services require a delay in at least two of the follwing areas: motor, cognitive, communication, personal-social, and adaptive skills. This service requires referral and treatment approval from the primary care physician and Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care.

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